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The prime minister in Chinese Economy: there are 4 kinds of "disease" out of the 6 prescriptions

Release time: 2016-05-05
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I feel the pulse of prime minister China Economy: there are 4 kinds of "disease", "prescription out of 6"

Yesterday (September 10th), Premier Li Keqiang attended the ninth Summer Davos Forum in Dalian and delivered a speech.

In the past two months, A stock market has been a significant volatility, some poor performance of economic data, international investors are worried about China's economic slowdown. Compared with the winter forum at the beginning of the summer Davos forum is held in Dalian more focus on the Chinese economy in the body.

In the face of China's economic situation, Premier Li Keqiang site "pulse", mainly speak the four "disease" (problems), mainly issued six "prescription" (push in the direction of solving). At the same time, he also gives a response from China's top level: China is not the source of the world's economic risk, but the world's economic growth source of power (8.69,0.01,0.12%)."

A face: the Chinese economy disorder"

At the forum, Premier Li Keqiang again to the ringing of the China's current economic trends are given in the thesis: China's economy is still in a reasonable range. He said that China's economy is in the transition phase of the old and new energy, is a labor pains, very difficult process, during which the economic growth will inevitably fluctuate.

1, economic stability is also difficult

At present, the world economic recovery is weak, many international institutions have lowered global growth expectations. The more the face of chaos and complexity of the situation, the more you want to boost confidence, see hope. Here, I want to tell you that now China's economic trend is slow in stabilization, steady upward, but steady difficult in general is the opportunities outweigh the challenges.

2, import and export amount has been slowing down

In the first half of this year, China's contribution to the world economic growth rate is about 30%. As the global commodity prices fell sharply, China Import and export from the amount of view in the slowdown, but the volume of imports of commodities has not been reduced, and even increased. China will implement a more active import policy in the process of "excellent in and out", and the quantity of imported goods will be more. China's foreign investment continued to maintain rapid growth.

3, deep-seated contradictions gradually revealed

Of course, China's economy is also facing a lot of difficulties and downward pressure, but still in a reasonable range. As a with the international market is closely related to economy, the overall weak global economic situation, China could not be spared, at the same time, the long-term accumulation of deep-seated contradictions gradually appear.

4, the transition is full of pain and volatility is inevitable

China's economy is in new energy conversion stage, realize the upgrading and development of the manufacturing industry from extensive growth to intensive growth, and from excessive dependence on stimulating investment to stimulate consumption and investment coordination conversion is that one is full of pains and difficult process, during this period of economic growth to avoid fluctuations. This is the adjustment and transformation of a normal phenomenon, with traditional Chinese medicine says is "pulse".

B face: the prescription of symptomatic treatment"

Li Keqiang, the prime minister at the forum said that China Innovation and macro-control policy toolbox tool, there are many, like go, is good in front of each sub, have to recruit, withstand the current economic downward pressure, but also left FLAC, seek potential ready, in order to promote the long-term sustained and healthy economic development.

1, not to engage in strong stimulation to move

At present, we are also taking the necessary directional control, camera control, precision control measures. The main is to reduce short-term volatility, to prevent the transmission, amplification effect. Once there is a reasonable range of signs, we will have enough capacity to respond, the Chinese economy will not be a hard landing, this is not empty talk. In recent years, we do not have super currency, not to engage in large-scale strong stimulus, mainly rely on reform to enhance economic vitality, not only to stabilize the economy, but also for the next step to control the space left.

2, to promote financial reform and stable exchange rate

We will continue to relax restrictions on private capital into the financial sector. Steadily expanding financial openness is our goal. We improve the RMB against the U.S. dollar exchange rate in the middle price quotation mechanism. At the same time, we will continue to maintain the basic stability of the exchange rate at a reasonable and balanced level. Not long ago, we let go of the offshore central bank [micro-blog] class institutions to invest in the inter-bank bond market, the next step will be to allow foreign central bank institutions directly into the inter-bank foreign exchange market. Before the end of the year, will also be built RMB cross-border payment system.

3, insist on innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples

Public entrepreneurship, innovation is a powerful driving force to promote the development of the. China has more than 9 million labor, about 7000000 college graduates each year, more and more people to join the entrepreneurial innovation, the birth of a new supply, the release of new demand, a steady increase in the important force. The "double" is a strong support for the expansion of employment. The "double" is an important push to share economic development.

4, encourage private capital foreign capital work together

The government does not sing "a single show", encourage social capital, foreign investment together. We through the promotion of government purchase social services, franchising and other market measures, encourage and guide private investment in the management of the construction and operation of public products, public services, while relaxing the market access for foreign investment. In the future, we will continue to promote reform in this area.

5, to expand the opening into the world

The process of China's reform, but also to expand the process of opening up, continue to integrate into the process of the world, China will open the door will open, we use foreign investment policy will not change the total

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