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Thailand Railway built during the year is expected to start

Release time: 2016-05-05
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Recently, China Railway cooperation related news gives people a situation repeated impression, as if there is some resistance. In particular, the intention to go to Nanning, Thailand, Guangxi to attend the twelfth China - ASEAN Expo in prime minister of education in the week before the cancellation of the trip, the appointment of deputy prime minister Tana Sa Dei to participate in related activities. To "Bangkok Post" as the representative of the Thailand media in the near future and even published an article, that the abolition of the Palestinian fertility trip to China due to the lack of railway related cooperation and deliberately avoided.

However, for these rumors, attended the ASEAN Expo activities related to the special envoy for the Thai Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister TA NASA in a single reply reporter's written interview made positive response. The rumors proved unfounded.

China Railway is expected to be launched

"Thailand and China cooperation in the construction of railway infrastructure in Thailand, is a not only on both sides, and is crucial to the area," Tana SA said, "Thailand and China, the two sides are consultations and cooperation project is a rail lines with a total length of 840 KM project... At present, China is in close cooperation to ensure the railway project as soon as possible, the project is expected to be in this year."

In accordance with the previous design, the Sino Thai cooperation in the construction of the railway line herringbone railway line, north of northeast Thailand's gallery opening, a road to the south, the Udon Thani Province, Khon Kaen, Nakhon Ratchasima, in the central part of Saraburi Fu Kan GUI County into Southeast and Southwest Branch, Southeast direction until Luo Yong Fu important port logistics Marta Bu County, southwest direction finally capital of Bangkok.

The plan for the construction of the railway line is located at the northern end of northeast nongkhai. Nong Khai in Henan Province is located in the side of the Mekong, is a city in northeastern Thailand, across the river and Laos capital of Vientiane, between the two cities drive is only 20 kilometers away. And on the opening ceremony of the ASEAN Expo, the Lao Deputy Prime Minister Songsava also given a clear statement, the old railway will be started construction before the end of this year. This means that the two railway lines will converge in the corridor, China Unicom into the trans Asian Railway line. Ministry of foreign affairs of Thailand insider told reporters, both Thailand and China in October this year will be in Bangkok railway cooperation is an important consultation, in order to agree with the specific details of the scheme.

Thailand support "The Belt and Road"

In reply to a reporter's question, Tanasa first used the "appreciation" and "rich" evaluation of construction Chinese advocated "The Belt and Road" strategy. Tanasa said, "in The Belt and Road under the framework of ASEAN and China can conduct in-depth cooperation in port network, laying sea commercial cooperation, to ensure the safety of navigation, maritime combat cross-border crime, disaster relief, environmental protection and other fields. So the Thai side appreciates and supports this grand strategy.

In this China ASEAN Expo, Tanasa has repeatedly said: "the history of an important stage, Thailand is the ancient Silk Road on the sea today, in the" The Belt and Road 'framework, is located in the center position of the Indochina Peninsula in Thailand will become an important fulcrum, become connected China best gateway and ASEAN, has become an important hub interconnection."

"I'm a fan of China"

TA NASA said: "heard that Chinese consumers of Thai rice and fruit is very welcome, both of us at this point further cooperation, in order to allow more Chinese consumers can at a more reasonable price to enjoy more fresh, more high-quality Thai products."

"I'm a fan of China, a fan of a few decades," Tanasa said in a number of occasions. "I've come to China many times. China has a special place in my heart. Last year, I became the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of foreign affairs, China is my first visit to the country."

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