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Iron and steel backbone enterprises also can not carry stop

Release time: 2015-12-12
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     In the steel city of the cold wind, not just small steel enterprises have closed, even medium-sized steel enterprises also could not carry.

On November 14, Tangshan Songting iron and steel factory officially announced the shutdown, which is following the Shanxi Haixin iron and steel, the second home more than 500 million tons scale steel enterprises due to high debt and capital chain pressure shutdown. However, due to the domestic production capacity out has not formed a certain scale, steel enterprises will still inadequately dressed painstakingly winter, and with nearly a year, banks began to gradually dunning, many steel enterprises approximation jungle.


Suddenly can not contact, a question and fall

3 November 14th afternoon, Tangshan Songting mills announced the shutdown of all employees holiday.

Tangshan Songting iron and Steel Co., Ltd., founded in 1969, is 2001, the former state-owned enterprises in Tangshan Iron and steel plant to implement overall buyout after the formation of private enterprises, Hebei local key steel backbone enterprises. Plant a total of six blast, respectively is 1080 cubic meters, 580 cubic meters, 450 cubic meters of the two, which at the beginning of August start maintenance in addition to 1080 cubic meters and 580 cubic meters outside the two four blast furnace and has shut down so far. Two in the production of blast furnace has been stewing stove and the rest.

Tangshan Songting before this year 9 month loss of 4.74 billion yuan, asset liability ratio reached the 161.37%, serious capital not debt, according to a financial report. This is following the Shanxi Haixin iron and steel, second domestic 5 million tons production scale steel enterprises.

Songting iron and steel industry can be described as a microcosm. Provide relevant institutions to "securities" reporter's data show that the development of the domestic economy under downward pressure, affected by the decline in demand, domestic steel prices fell sharply. As of November 19th, foreign iron ore prices fell 32.35% over the same period last year, Tangshan steel fell 36.47% over the same period last year, steel fell 38.19% over the same period last year. At the same time, the first three quarters of this year, the steel industry into a comprehensive loss situation. From January to September, large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises total losses up to 281.22 billion yuan, the main business losses 552.71 billion yuan; loss making enterprises 49 households, accounting for 48.51% of the statistical membership number of enterprises.

Steel analyst Jiang Yan told the "securities" reporter revealed that the current steel prices for 1560 yuan / ton, early visits mills, cost control good per ton steel enterprises losses of 80 yuan -90 yuan, the enterprise can loss of 300 yuan per ton. Suspend production for many enterprises overwhelmed, according to incomplete statistics, the agency, so far this year, the country has 25 part of steel production capacity shut down or even stop involving crude steel production capacity of about 4000 million tons, "has always been to maintain relations of steel mills, suddenly can not contact and found down."


To restructure the joint, difficult prospect

In accordance with the policy objectives, at present Chinese 2460 iron and steel enterprises, the future will be reduced from 2000 to 300, the number of mergers and acquisitions and restructuring faced by enterprises reached more than 80%. In the industry view, although the industry production, the integration of accelerated signs, but to achieve this policy goal, must be a long slow process.

"Now discontinued, the vast majority of small businesses generally do low-end products such as steel, wire. Their family is not thick, weak anti risk ability." Jiang Yan analysis, the shutdown of the Songting iron and steel factory, the most direct fuse is in arrears in local electric power bureau 97 million yuan electricity, because of the negotiations failed was forced to take power outages measures to stop furnace, otherwise there may relinquish its hard bound.

It is understood, medium scale steel enterprises is usually the backbone of local enterprises, for tax, personnel placement, local governments have generally not from ruin, but the introduction of various types of support policies, some "intimate" government leaders will ask some think-tank moves, and help enterprises to tide over the difficulty.

A home in Hebei quite well-known steel enterprises insiders also told the "securities" reporter, "large and medium-sized steel enterprises production capacity is very difficult, a few years ago everyone shouting out excess capacity, but many enterprises removed old blast furnaces, and built in blast furnace. This year industry losses, although little of this little action, but no one will easily stop production. You think, ah, behind which steel enterprises not how many billion of bank loans, even if you are part of the bank immediately came to the door, once the bank forced debt to, it is completely hopeless. "

Jiang Yan also revealed that the market is bleak, some areas also have private steel mills reorganization of the heart, but still difficult to hear. Who will lead, how to integrate various overlapping products, how to arrange the staff, which involves too many problems, but also led to the spontaneous reorganization of the industry is difficult to succeed."

There are words in the industry, "Chinese steel look at Hebei, Hebei steel to see Tangshan." Rough estimate, at present, Tangshan, a total of about 14 million 970 thousand tons of production capacity to withdraw from the market. However, as of the end of 2014, Tangshan iron and steel production capacity of 1.3 tons, now exit capacity was just 1/10 last year.


The year is near the bank began Dunning

Winter, steel enterprises have to fend for themselves. Some of the replacement of equipment to reduce the production cost, some technical updates and product transformation, eyeing overseas markets. But both need capital investment, the latter is more difficult.

Steel analyst Cai Yuting introduction, domestic steel production and sales both fell, only "good" data is exported, so many enterprises have hope to the overseas market. The first half of this year, Angang Steel export revenues of 4 billion yuan, total revenue accounted for 13.8%. Baosteel steel exports in the first half of 1 million 147 thousand tons, increased 88 thousand tons more than last year.

But has excess capacity and more than a Chinese, including the United States, the EU and emerging countries are facing the same problem, and a large number of exports of steel Chinese caused dissatisfaction with the overseas market. According to the statistics of the Zhuo, 1-9 months overseas iron and steel products to China initiated trade remedy investigation is up to 29, the anti-dumping investigation in 22 cases, 1 cases of countervailing investigations, "double reverse survey 3, anti circumvention investigation 3. More than half of these countries is Chinese steel exports top ten countries, the direct consequence is that China October steel exports in September year-on-year decrease of approximately 20%.

Jiang Yan analysis of the "securities" reporter, at present the steel demand for large real estate market downturn, from the start of the data, the sales area, a long period of time will not be optimistic. In the short term is difficult to boost demand situation, reduce the yield and reduce capacity is the industry's self salvation.

Now the industry is in the fight who can afford to consume, consumption can not afford, or lack of confidence, stopped down." The steel enterprises insiders bluntly, the year is nearly, banks began to gradually dunning, enterprises to enter the most difficult time, "not boil over, only to die."

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