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Bank urged the debt of the steel trade and business competition to compromise the credit crisis inte

Release time: 2015-12-12
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    In the face of the deep debt crisis of steel trade groups, commercial banks have resorted to all the stops to recover losses, there has been a recent banks for Fujian Ji steel trading business credit card users late, opened the deductibility of interest, overdue fine gold of various preferential policies.

Insiders pointed out that the bank's concession reflects the assessment of its face pressure, but now the general lack of steel trading business repayment capacity, can reach the purpose of the bank is still two said. It is reported that in addition to the credit card overdue, the current Fujian steel trade business this group is also facing a lot of credit litigation, the deterioration of the steel trade crisis has caused the bank and the steel trade business of the dual transmission pattern, its legacy will continue.

Minsheng Bank hit twenty percent off policy inexplicable death

May 28, Fujian steel trading business for the chamber of deputies -- Ning Shanghai Chamber of Commerce announcement said that currently Minsheng Bank Shanghai Branch for Zhouning Fujian Ji credit card overdraft overdue customer payments to implement preferential policies, "only need to deal with the principal of 80%, the remaining amount of the Minsheng Bank letter with card department to apply for relief headquarters".

The announcement also said that preferential time until the end of June 2014, July will no longer enjoy the preferential policies, "the opportunity is rare, don't miss", "preferential so large, this year will difficult to launch similar policies".

It is understood that Ning Shanghai Chamber of commerce is Fujian steel trading business for the most representative of a chamber of Commerce, the chamber of Commerce established in 1996, in the financing, mutual assistance and Unicom enterprises and banks, government, financial risk prevention etc., to promote the development of Fujian Zhouning Ji steel trading business to great effect.

"Bank the rare", Beijing Ann scale (Shanghai) law firm Sun Kui lawyers to Netease said, but this behavior belongs to the bank's own business practices, is a way to reduce the loss, from the point of view of law is legal compliance, "the bank has the right to decide its business policy."

Generally speaking, the bank can take more powerful measures to deal with the overdue credit card users. According to China's relevant laws, credit card holders to illegal possession for the purpose of malicious overdraft, should be held criminally responsible, in accordance with the provisions of credit card fraud conviction and punishment.

The credit card overdue can even constitute a criminal offense, the bank can apply for credit card users report on overdue detention. While banks also did a similar treatment, according to media reports, steel trade crisis after the occurrence of, 80% of the Zhouning Fujian Ji steel trading business bankruptcy or on the verge of bankruptcy, more than 700 people wanted and the imprisonment of more than 300 people, tens of thousands of credit card was serious overdrafts.

Dragged on for several years, still haven't the (steel trading business), must be broken Guan sub broken up "," even if it is caught is useless, debt they are serial, set into the ", west of the Shinkansen Qiuyue Cheng, senior fellow in this respect, even if it is drawn on a bank credit card preferential policies, overdue steel trading business in general lack of repayment ability, whether the smooth repayment is still two said.

Surprisingly, the Minsheng Bank "discount of twenty percent" of the repayment of preferential policies, compared to six months ago, is actually the preferential "overweight". In December last year, Zhou Ning Shanghai Chamber of Commerce has issued a notice said, the Minsheng Bank for the steel trade overdue credit card gives the user the preferential treatment, including free late fees and interest; one-time repayment, 9 discount; 3 years period also.

However, the incident after the media reports, Zhou Ning Shanghai chamber of Commerce quickly removed the notice. Shanghai Ningde chamber of Commerce on the financial sources of the NetEase, Minsheng Bank has canceled the fight twenty percent off preferential policies, as the reason is not very understanding, whether or not to determine the late launch. Minsheng Bank is not clear on the phone that this piece of business.

A number of bank credit card trade credit card relief

Also worthy of note is that aforementioned chamber of Commerce said that the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Bank of Shanghai to Fujian steel trading business credit card overdraft overdue customers, open the appropriate relief overdue fine gold and interest preferential repayment terms are still being performed.

, who, according to Zhou Ning Shanghai Chamber of Commerce recently released announcement, the Shanghai Bank to issue the policy is, repayment willingness and with the bank signed the repayment agreement, enjoy exemption late fees and interest relief part and policy.

And Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Credit Card Center also negotiating with the chamber of Commerce and the overdue credit card program to reach a consensus, to stage the repayment frequency reduction corresponding interest charges. Also Guangdong Development Bank last July has of late Zhou Ning Ji steel trade customers developed stage relief scheme, but staging repayment periods, the first phase of payments and how the protocol after the entry into force of the interest relief what specific programs need to be interviewed.

It is reported that Fujian steel trading business with the bank's reimbursement policy is generally discussed by the chamber of Commerce and the bank. It is interesting that, for the phenomenon of credit card overdue steel trade business was arrested, Zhou Ning Shanghai chamber of Commerce has specifically organized a credit card overdraft risk prevention and response measures, the lecture.

Recently, the chamber of commerce also "share" the credit card malicious overdraft caught the ways to deal with emergency ", the approach by the legal profession specifically to the methods and steps of dealing with such cases have been systematically in order to, such as interviews with police officers, bank insurance, determine the attitude toward each other, how to bail.

The way to share the experience shows that "many of them are now caught in the field, cross online wanted, because the card is much, was arrested in the confused situation", "give back the money to the possibility of bail, money to good scrape, at least the principal to gather together," money then, is must have the effect  

Crisis sequelae continue to cause a double lose pattern

Bank of the steel trading business credit card overdue implementation of preferential policies, due to the continuous steel trade crisis sequelae. It is understood that by the impact of the steel trade crisis, in 2013 some of the close of the collapse of the steel trade enterprises began to use personal credit cards to repay bank loans and private lending interest, resulting in a large number of bank credit card overdue.

It is thirty years east of the river thirty years of hexi. For steel trading business this capital intensive type groups, banks had to push large credit card business, before the 2009 crisis in the steel trade, a Fujian identity card represents millions of loans can be obtained, and steel trade bosses and their families, relatives, even the staff is very easy to can get a quota of hundreds of thousands or even tens of millions of credit card.

And over the past few years with the steel trade crisis continue to simmer, "UNPROFOR" mode of operation of the Fujian steel trading business seriously affected the, experienced a period of boss on foot steel trade, enterprise capital chain rupture failures, many steel trade chiefs face lawsuits, hundreds of Fujian steel trading business credit card overdue was arrested and a series of events.

Steel trade areas repeated pledge the unspoken rules of the bubble rupture is the direct cause of the crisis in the steel trade, but there are also steel trading business accused the bank in the original lending threshold low, lend a lot after enjoy the steel trading business of high returns, and resulted in the mutual UNPROFOR model expansion, and if there is a problem but immediately "estranged" stop Shoudai loan, so that the entire industry is faced with a crisis, there are many high-quality steel trade enterprises affected and so cannot recover after a setback.

"Even now removed 20% of the principal, and some banks in the past in the steel trade to earn interest and expenses, may still not lose", insiders pointed out that.

The question now is, in addition to the credit card overdue detention or arrest, steel trading business of the group is facing and the Bank of a large number of lawsuits, expected sequelae of steel trade crisis will continue.

According to the Shanghai Higher People's court recently announced data, Shanghai last year received a total of steel trade finance and commercial disputes involving about 3700, an increase of 5.5 times, income subject amounting to 230 million yuan, an increase of 3.4 times.

Shanghai court network data show that the chairman of Shanghai Songjiang steel city in 2013 from June 3rd to September 16, known as the "Shanghai steel trade king" Xiao Shou, involving hundreds of banks and financial loan contract dispute ", including the Minsheng Bank, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Huaxia Bank, industrial bank, Ping an bank, Guangdong Development Bank, branch, and Shanghai Songjiang Minsheng Township bank.

Insiders said that the steel trade crisis outbreak so far, banks and steel trade is double input pattern, on the one hand is repeated pledge problems do exist in the steel trading business, and now Bank of overdue credit card steel trading business of criminal detention, or through the courts go litigation process, have been unable to ensure the smooth processing of this part of the bad debts, "a lot of steel trade has no ability to repay."

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