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Wish Shenzhen SETRA Group Co., best wishes for your new home

Release time: 2016-07-02
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July 1, 2016, sunny, sunny. Today is the "Shenzhen SETRA Group Limited company" the completion of the new move to the wedding day, the moment we joyfully celebrate together! Best wishes for your new home for the SETRA group.


  Over the years, all my colleagues in the company and the chairman under the leadership of the leadership, unity and enterprising, enthusiastic, ushered in the company's growth in the course of a spring. Today, SETRA group company in the bustling metropolis of Shenzhen has been a solid foundation of the firm, with its own purchase of 1000 square meters of office space. The company moved to the group's own office location: Shenzhen, Futian District, Times Building ideal; office area expanded, it is a matter of strategic development of the company leap. New office area decoration luxury, pleasant environment. Into the broad light and spacious office, a row of neat and elegant office furniture, wall of our brilliant masterpiece, a ray of sunshine and the left side of the shuttle, quietly relaxed, as our young team, innovation today, access to the future!


  Congratulations on your new home on the occasion, best wishes for your new home. Through years of unremitting efforts and the pursuit of SETRA group, quickly come to the fore from the steel industry; at this stage, the construction of the company's hardware facilities and service system has become mature. Over the years, the company has always adhered to the requirements of customers for the purpose, and constantly improve their service quality. Construction Bank, industrial bank, China Merchants Bank, SETRA group is the credit business to support enterprises; Shaoguan Iron and steel, Baosteel, China and the United States, GUI Xin, Yufeng manufacturers such as SETRA group brand direct suppliers; the group's main business partners are: Chinese building, China Huaxi, China Railway, and other large state-owned enterprises, they set up the good long-term relations of cooperation with SETRA group.


  Last night fighting has been back to the north, at the age of more from the east. After years of unremitting efforts and the pursuit of SETRA, by virtue of "people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence, integrity services, common development" attitude and philosophy, from the same industry. Through continuous learning and digestion, combined with the needs of the market, pushing from quality, market, management, system and culture angle, differentiation innovation based on customer value, create high-quality products and first-class service, create market opportunities, create a unique competitive advantage. We value the concept of value, respect for knowledge and personality, to create a business environment, through a common cause of self-worth.


  The move marks the SETRA group and on a new level, the company will be a new look to show in Tongren, the new idea and quality service to our customers! We see today, smug. Show the future, we are full of pride. From now on we will be full of enthusiasm and a good mental state, to create a new creative brilliance; to redouble our efforts together to create a better future!





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