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Yantai steel prices fell for 5 consecutive months

Release time: 2016-05-05
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Recently, the downturn in the steel market so that many dealers do not have a good time. Reporters visited some of the steel market in Yantai found that construction steel prices have declined for 5 consecutive months, although the price is low, but sales are not as good as before.

"This year's steel prices have been going down." Mr. Wang in the chemical industry road, a steel shop. He told reporters that the rebar price per ton of steel from March to 3300 yuan per ton down to 2900 yuan, the price continued to decline so that dealers are also very headache.

Mr. Wang told reporters that despite the low price, but sales did not improve, even dropped by more than half, and there are a lot of construction enterprises to purchase, payment, the time interval is very long.

The Jinhai steel, Mr. Bi sales staff told reporters that they sell rebar per ton 2900 yuan, about 3150 yuan per ton of I-steel, around 3100 yuan per ton of steel, angle steel per ton of about 3200 yuan. This price compared with previous years, have dropped a few hundred dollars.

"Feeling the most obvious is the rebar, the price fell by nearly a thousand dollars." Mr. Bi said that the price drop, but also followed a drop in sales, down nearly four.

This year, by the impact of the real estate market downturn, construction steel prices continued to decline. According to the price department monitoring shows that in August (as of August 25th) 11 kinds of construction steel average price per ton of 3133 yuan, down 2.62%, down 15.73%. Construction steel prices have declined for 5 consecutive months, in which the price of steel rebar decreased greatly. The average price of 3081 yuan, a decline of 4.19%, down 18.10%.

It is understood that this year the overall downturn in the real estate market, many local prices down, some construction sites to promote slow construction steel market demand reduction. September this should be the traditional sales season, but this year the situation is difficult to reproduce, the recent steel prices will continue weak downward.

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