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Release time: 2017 . 01 . 06
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The overall stabilization of the economy in 2016, but downward pressure is still in the beginning of October, the real estate deal to strictly enforce the residents of long-term loans downward trend, but the PPP project will support the implementation of long-term loan demand in enterprises. In addition, affected by regulatory changes, foreign exchange decline or will shrink. A number of research institutions predict that in 2016 the new credit is expected to be about 700 billion yuan, the size of the new credit will be around 12 trillion yuan in the year, in addition, is expected in 2017 the size of the new credit in about $13 trillion. 上个月预计约7000亿Last month is expected to be about 700 billion 证券时报记者调查发现,各大研究机构对去年12月份新增信贷规模的预测区别较小,主要落于6000~7000亿元之间。据不完全统计,均值为6714亿元。其中,招商证券(16.610,-0....
In the steel city of the cold wind, not just small steel enterprises have closed, even medium-sized steel enterprises also could not carry.On November 14, Tangshan Songting iron and steel factory officially announced the shutdown, which is following the Shanxi Haixin iron and steel, the second home more than 500 million tons scale steel enterprises due to high debt and capital chain pressure shutdown. However, due to the domestic production capacity out has not formed a certain scale, steel enterprises will still inadequately dressed painstakingly winter, and with nearly a year, banks began to...
Release time: 2015 . 12 . 12
The Ministry of Commerce on the 17th held a regular press conference, commerce ministry spokesman Shen Danyang said that there is no direct relationship between iron and steel trade issues and China's market economy status, will not continue to implement discriminatory and unfair trade excuse as the former.Some media questions, the recent joint statement issued by the United States and Europe 9 iron and Steel Association pointed out that the global steel industry is currently in a state of serious excess capacity, China is the main cause of this situation. The statement on this in December...
Release time: 2016 . 05 . 05
The trade surplus is increasing, and the willingness to exchange will reduce the impact of foreign exchange reserves.Recently, the people's Bank of China released data show that in October the size of China's foreign exchange reserves of $.Although the foreign exchange reserves in October is only a slight increase, but more attention. China's foreign exchange reserves in June 2014 reached a peak value of US $, has been in a downward trend. At the end of last year, the balance of foreign exchange reserves amounted to $12, $9 at the end of last year, to $3 at the end of this year. Au...
Release time: 2015 . 12 . 12
November 12th domestic steel index (Myspic) composite index reported 74.1 points, compared with the last trading day down 0.39%. Iron ore price index (MyIpic) composite index was at 59.3 points, compared with the last trading day. Today, the snail continued to decline, the price of steel billet weak stability. Spot market steel prices continue to decline, the decline in the prices of all varieties showed enlarged, clinch a deal is still weak, market confidence is more pessimistic, businesses in general in order to speed up the delivery mainly, but the effect is not ideal. Tomorrow's steel ...
Release time: 2015 . 12 . 12
Recently, the leaders of China, Japan and the ROK in Seoul meeting, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang attended the meeting in the speech, which refers to focus in the field of infrastructure construction, engineering machinery, building materials, electric power, etc. to carry out international cooperation in capacity, to create a tripartite cooperation in the new brand.For the long-term downturn in the steel industry, the international production capacity can affect the continued loss of steel prices? Analysts told the "Securities Daily" said that Japan, South Korea's steel market is s...
Release time: 2015 . 12 . 12
In 2015 October Chinese PMI in iron and steel industry was 39.7, a decline of 2.4 percentage points, eighteen consecutive months below the line ups and downs. From the sub indicators point of view, in addition to the finished product factory price index, supplier delivery time index, foreign raw materials purchasing volume index rose, the rest of the index have varying degrees of decline. The output index, finished products inventory index, new orders index, new export orders index, raw materials purchasing price index fell show that by the end of the market has to inventory cycle and is curre...
Release time: 2015 . 12 . 12
China's steel industry is losing a lot of cash, and every producer is feeling the pain, according to the chairman of the second largest steel producer in China. Baosteel is expected, the national steel production may be reduced by 20%. China's iron and steel industry ranks first in the world.Baosteel Group Chairman Xu Lejiang said on Wednesday to Peng Bo, the steel industry in the first 8 months of this year, a total of 18 billion yuan ($2 billion 800 million), while the same period last year earnings of 14 billion yuan. He said production could eventually shrink by 1/5, consistent wit...
Release time: 2016 . 05 . 05
Anshan in Jukui international steel prices plummeted across 13 monthsAccording to incomplete statistics, 34 iron and steel listing Corporation, 22 steel companies have disclosed the results of the notice, notice three quarterly loss of steel enterprises accounted for more than 2/3.Even the price of cabbage can not catch up with the price of steel, still continue to fall.On October 20, China Iron and Steel Industry Association (CISA) released the latest report shows that by the end of September, the Steel Association CSPI China steel price index for 61.19, 3.42 percent decline, year on year dec...
Release time: 2016 . 05 . 05
Core tip: electricity supplier does not solve the current capacity, excess production problems, the pattern of oversupply, the demand side is not heavy, the supply side is bound to be reduced, in order to achieve a new balance. This also means there must be some enterprises will be eliminated in this wave of market downturn, in this part of the capacity to be phased out before, the electricity supplier, or limit or, just steel enterprises in order to survive the winter and take a lift helplessly.[macro hot spots].Positive factors:1, high frequent first-tier cities land market continued unpopul...
Release time: 2016 . 05 . 05
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