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Bank of steel mills to tighten credit to further tighten the steel mills capital chain is facing a t
日期: 2015-12-28
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With the first half of the bank assessment approach, the market attention to the steel mills funding chain issues once again. Recently, there are rumors that, under the pressure of the assessment, the bank has begun to carry out a risk test, some steel mills may further reduce the amount of credit, steel mills funding chain may face a challenge in the near future.

The relevant person in charge of the Shandong Laiwu Iron and Steel Group recently on the futures Daily reporter said that since last year second half of the year begins, the steel capital has been tense. Expected second half of this year to next year, the iron and steel industry chain funding problems will be gradually to the upper reaches of the transmission. However, he also stressed that the bank has no of steel taken to stop the credit measures, "now all steel is not the same, some plants, especially the private steel mills because of environmental requirements of the implementation is not in place, the loan may be affected, the key steel does not have big problem".

East China, a commercial bank insiders also confirmed the above views. He said that under downward pressure on the domestic economic background, bank loans to any industry to a more cautious attitude, the iron and steel industry as production capacity excess industry, banks to tighten credit is inevitable, but there is no completely stopped lending.

In the industry view, the current bank to tighten the iron and steel industry credit is not realistic, but the credit limit, the pumping of the situation is indeed more common. In Tangshan, for example, due to bank credit limit, pumping loans, plus some large state-owned enterprises to stop the full of small steel mills funding tray, the local steel mills have been discontinued and closed down the phenomenon.

Face the same problem as there are private steel mills in Shandong area. Recently, there is news that a steel plant in Shandong has been due to bank pumping loans and into a shutdown crisis. In fact, as early as March this year, the China Banking Regulatory Commission made it clear that the excess capacity of the industry to implement strict credit control.

According to futures Daily reporter learned that the current bank loans to the steel industry is basically a large steel plant to maintain the status quo, the case of small and medium steel mills are reduced. "Banks tend to be 10 million credit, and actual only the lending of 8 billion yuan, banks are currently in East China private steel mills generally limit credit." An industry source who asked not to be named.

For emerging market bank of steel loans to stop the rumors and CIC futures ferrous metals researcher Hui Feng Liu believes that even if the current bank of steel mills have stopped lending behavior, it is only for individual steel, does not appear large area to stop lending. However, he also said that in the two quarter of this year, the financial situation of small and medium sized iron and steel enterprises is certainly not as good as a quarter, which for some small and medium sized steel enterprises will be a great challenge.

Reporters learned in the interview, in the context of strict credit, although the current increase in the difficulty of financing the iron and steel enterprises, but the financing costs are not up and down. The Shandong Iron and Steel Group insiders told reporters that the current steel melt funds continued to decline, but to get the capital steel mill the actual cost of financing is on the decline.

He also said that the bank will usher in six months assessment, may lead to further reduce the line of credit, but this does not have much impact on the entire industry. At present, although the price of steel products is low, but the benefits of steel mills are relatively better, and now the days of steel mills are better than the beginning of the year." He said.

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