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 Shenzhen SETRA Group Co., Ltd. is a collection: real estate development, investment, construction materials, logistics and warehousing, machinery and equipment, domestic trade, jewelry sales, import and export business and other diversified group.

Group with the purpose of "to customers as a fundamental, in good faith for life" business philosophy, after several years of honing, the company is expanding the scope of business, the performance of steady growth year after year. And with the domestic major central enterprises maintained a good relationship of cooperation.

Group always adhere to the "customer first, service first, quality is the" principle of service, adhere to the "talent as a fundamental, innovation as the driving force market oriented" development strategy, and gradually develop and grow, has become a set of "domestic trade, warehousing, distribution, import and export trade" as one of the group companies, the group company currently has "Shenzhen Special Yu Industrial Co., Ltd.", "Shenzhen Hua Zhongfu Industrial Co., Ltd.", "Shenzhen Fu Hengda Trade Co., Ltd." affiliated enterprises. Has been awarded the relevant departments of the "advanced units", "Shou credibility of the contract", "excellent supplier", "AAA grade credit enterprise" and other honorary titles.

Group company marketing network all over the country in various provinces, kingpin in South China; with the operation system of a set of perfect "sales, processing, distribution, service", in between customers and enterprises gap a trusted bridge, and promote the further development of the group. Group has a number of first-line brand steel agent qualification and built in China, China, China Railway, China Metallurgical and other large construction units, the industry, the jewelry industry has a good strategic cooperation.

Group company under the leadership of chairman, all staff always adhere to the "integrity and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative" spirit of enterprise, continue to expand the scope of service, committed to the sustainable development, and the pursuit of customers formed long-term and stable interaction relations of cooperation; to creation, learning, absorb, draw lessons from the advanced management concepts and management systems, constantly challenge themselves, beyond the self, seek development by innovation concept, and constantly improve their business skills, improve the service system, and with a thankful heart sincere colleagues and the community together and, to create a more brilliant tomorrow.

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